Cheryl Cole announces 6 months break from the limelight


As if the news about Girls Aloud splitting up wasn’t upsetting enough, Cheryl Cole reveals that she will take a break from show business. She wants to take six months off to ‘recharge her batteries’, totally dismissing any return to the X Factor.

To be honest, Cheryl did have quite a busy period. She just finished a UK tour with Girls Aloud, and in 2012 she released her third studio album and also did a solo tour. So she has no plans now to release any new songs and wants to go to US and spend some time with her boyfriend, Tre Holloway.

A source close to the artist said: Cheryl’s planning to take time out and disappear from the limelight. She’s in no rush to record a new album and has ruled out rejoining ‘The X Factor’ panel. Instead she’s going to go to America and spend time in LA with boyfriend Tre Holloway. She may even plan to do some travelling with him and spend time seeing the world. She’s turning 30 in June and is becoming a woman. She wants to decide what path she wants to take in life.

Cheryl implied her leave in a Twitter message she posted last weekend, in which she also thanked the fans for their support after the Girls Aloud splitting announcement. Have just woken up!! This is the first time I have slept for more then 2 hrs in 4 days and I still don’t feel human lol

Thank you so much for all your kind words, respect and well wishes.. I’m gonna take some time now to rest and recover !! I need some doggy love, family, friends & loved ones ! Just wanted to say thank you i love you and I’ll be back soon.