Celebrity Christmases exposed by ITV’s Daybreak

How do some of the biggest stars like to enjoy the holiday period?

Well everyone loves Christmas right? The overeating, the Christmas jumpers, singing Christmas carols and cheesy Christmas tunes. Giving and receiving presents, spending time with family, the sparkle, the magic, the great Christmas TV…

However you like to spend your Christmas we bet if you are anything like us you can’t help but wonder how some of the biggest celebrity names spend theirs? Do they really put on their big stretchy pants and eat eight mince pies and refuse to move all day? Can they bear to go a day breaking their diets and just slobbing out? What could possibly be on their Christmas lists when they have so much already? And most importantly have they behaved well enough this year to be on Santa’s good list?! Well the episode of Daybreak aired just two days before the big day itself was an investigation into this very question. Just exactly how do celebrity superstars like to spend their Christmases?

We watched presenter Ross King hanging out in Los Angeles in the celebrity hot spot of Beverly Hills. He first chatted to a super talented chef of a high end restaurant who showed him exactly what kind of food the stars like to eat around the Christmas period. Dishes such as trout stuffed with caviar were on the menu? No prawn cocktail or sausage rolls? How surprising.

Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell was one of the lucky celebrities to be interviewed by King as part of the Daybreak segment and we were pleased to hear that he will be doing a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings –good for you Colin!

The character actor Paul Giamati was quite the opposite however and let is slip that he and his family actually go out for a hearty Chinese meal on Chirstmas day! His son is Jewish which is the reason why.

Next King caught up with  the English actor Ben Kingsley who is perhaps most well-known for the part he played in the magnificent 1982 production of Ghandi where Kingsley bagged himself the starring role and wowed audiences worldwide. He told King that his family were likely to have goose instead of the traditional turkey but will still all be sitting round the table and having dinner as a family as is tradition as this festive time of year.

Lastly he spoke with the gorgeous Naomie Harris -another British actress who is well known for her portrayal of the character. Selena in 28 Days later .She admitted she was no good at cooking at all and instead would have to be in charge of wrapping the Christmas presents –oh dear!

Well it seems that perhaps the celebs have a pretty regular Christmas after all, food presents and getting together with family. Just as it should be!

Image courtesy of wikiepedia.org