Casualty spoiler – Hugely anticipated series finale – are BBC teasing us?

BBC One have been teasing us with a trailer for what’s about to happen in the coming weeks in Casualty. Connie Beecham features heavily in the trailer, we see her doubting what she is doing, and the staff around her starting to realise what’s going on. These episodes are really pushing everyone to the breaking point.

We see Ciaran play mind tricks, as he tried to persuade Will to confess to an accident with his work. By getting Will to say he nicked a patient, Fiona’s vessel, he hoped it would rattle Connie who was standing nearby. It does the job, and later we see Connie in her office taking some pills, however she is caught in the act by Will.

Archie is also in on this story, convinced that Connie is hiding a secret.

Marty plays a main role in the episode this week, when he decides to talk through his sexuality with his parents. His mum is brought into the Emergency department this week after she collapses, and whilst in ED, she sees through the lies that Jade is his girlfriend.
We see his mum Bibi talk with both Jade and Marty separately, letting them both know, that she’s aware Marty is gay, and that they should not pretend to be in a relationship. She wants Marty to live his life to the full.

Marty is ecstatic as they embrace after their heart-to-heart, however Bibi does tell Marty to wait a bit longer before telling his dad, however Marty ignores this advice. Marty tells his father Graham, however things do not go as well, and Marty is left heart-broken when his father takes a different view on things, because of his beliefs. Graham states that he can no longer see his son.

Jade becomes a real shoulder to cry on, and stands by Marty, reminding him that she is his friend and he is loved.

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