Carol Vorderman wants everyone that she actually broke her nose

The presenter of Loose Women suffered a nasty injury a few days ago, breaking her nose after she slipped and fell on the stairscarolvorderman injury. Rumours appeared saying that she actually fabricated the accident to mask a nose job but she completely deny the speculations during an interview on BBC2’s breakfast show on Monday morning.

She went on and shared some more pictures on Twitter with her injury, taken after she fell down the stairs. The images show her swollen red nose and bruised eye sockets, but Carol could still make fun of this , tweeting ‘Red Nose Day? Ouch’ . Carol wanted to prove that her injury is real and she didn’t undergo any secret cosmetic surgery. She told host Chris Evans:  I sent out some photos after it happened just because there were some stupid rumours going round. You’ll see how the nose was bent immediately afterwards, so that’s proof there. I knew I’d broken my nose as soon as I hit it, so obviously I screamed. There was blood everywhere.

Carol also talked about her accident at Loose Women on Monday, calling in. Her colleague Denise Welch couldn’t resist making fun of the incident and she put a large bandage over her nose, while talking to Carol.  Carol explained: What an idiot! I was rushing down some stairs wearing ankle boots which I’ve worn for years, I had my hands in my coat pockets because it was cold. ‘I want Denise to come and nurse me please!

She is now recovering at home but she has to be away from the TV screens for three weeks. After looking like ‘she’s done 10 rounds with Muhammad Ali in his prime’ Carol Vonderman will settle with taking the lift from now on.