Emmerdale’s Cain lures Moira and Nate to a boat…is he seeking revenge…

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The fight is on!!! We’ve seen recently on Emmerdale, that Nate Robinson has been exposed, and Cain Dingle has found out that he Nate has been having an affair with his wife. Now Cain is seeking revenge, and the fight is on between the pair.

Cain makes a plan to have his revenge against farmhand Nate for what he has done. His plan is to lure Nate and Moira to a fishing boat, but what they don’t know is that he has brought a can of fuel with him, so something more sinister is afoot! Does he plan on killing his wife and her lover???

Nate is a lot younger and fitter than Cain, but will he be able to stand up to a infuriated Cain who is out for revenge for what he’s done. There is going to be trouble on the boat, and they have announced that Moira will get caught up in all the trouble that ensues.

Jurell carter who plays Nate, was talking about the stunts that they had to do on the boat. Both actors ran through the scenes themselves, as well as stunt doubles being brought in to get all the angles and make sure it looks as explosive and dramatic as it is going to be!! One to watch this week!

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