Brooke is pregnant, but is still hiding it from father Ollie

This week in Hollyoaks, we will see teenager Juliet try to cause mischief when she finds out that Brooke who she is meant to be friends with, finds out she’s pregnant.

Brooke only recently discovered that she was expecting her boyfriend Ollie’s baby, but has not yet told the father the news that could change his life.

Brooke keeps this secret to herself, but then starts to avoid Ollie, even thought they are in a relationship. Ollie starts to get annoyed by this, as she also misses a dinner they were meant to have. Ollie can’t figure out why Brooke is being like this.

Juliet finds out about the pregnancy, whenever her and Juliet are taking photos, and Juliet suddenly becomes concerned about showing her midriff, so Brooke becomes suspicious and asks if she’s pregnant. Juliet tries to encourage Brooke, she should stay off school.

Juliet then goes to cause trouble, when Ollie talks to her saying he wants to try and surprise Brooke. It seems like Juliet may be wanting to cause trouble for Brooke, but we don’t know what she is planning.

We also see that Brooke does get some support from Mercedes who is also pregnant. Mercedes tries to encourage Brooke to tell Nancy, so her family can try to help her with the situation.

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