Broadchurch Series Two

Broadchurch Series Two is already on schedule, but viewers are wondering what it will be about.  The first series was slow to develop, focused on characters more than plot, and left viewers wanting a bit more than it offered. The last episode seems more like a conclusion to the series and offered no incentive for a follow-up series.  This article discusses what could be in store for Broadchurch Series Two.

ITV’s Broadchurch was a strange beast. On the one hand, it was just another standard ITV drama. A police procedural (hardly original) following the murder of a child in a coastal Dorset town. On the other, it seemed kind of different.

Image credit: Digital Spy

Image credit: Digital Spy

There was a scope that isn’t usually there. The plot thrust its slow, plodding face into the homes of lots of characters, practically the whole community in fact. There was also a shiny gloss to everything that doesn’t normally grace British telly. Beaches were shot in beautiful ways and waves washed in cinematically. With such a gorgeously crafted stage, the drama seemed all the more important and doom laden.

And then there was the soundtrack, which I could describe as intrusive, but I’ll instead call ‘emotionally piercing’.

Obviously, on ITV there are ad-breaks. Writers and directors must get round these pesky, profit driven interruptions by creating natural cut off points in the narrative. At times, Broadchurch had these mini cliff-hangers that worked well. You’d rush your cup of tea to get back to the sofa (not that I watch TV like that, it’s the 21st century after all).

But it didn’t matter if the narrative didn’t flow seamlessly into a break. The soundtrack would simply put in an ominous, Inception-esque ‘bwaaam’ over a picturesque rural background to signal the transition. It did this a lot, not just before ad-breaks. It would pile on the tension and the suspicion, quite often at completely inappropriate moments. It would tell you what to feel, rather than guiding the emotions supplied by the story.

Image credit: The Mirror

Image credit: The Mirror

At other times though, the soundtrack worked brilliantly. Broadchurch was wonderfully hit and miss, addictively so. I’m convinced that was part of its mass appeal. Mostly though, people tuned in for the cast and the writing. David Tennant and Olivia Colman stole the show as the detectives but there were supporting turns from those in the victim’s family, as well as the journalists, shopkeepers and suspects.

Chris Chibnall, the writer behind the whole thing, also crafted a story with many layers, many possible suspects and lots of room for the actors to develop their characters, which seemed to draw people in.

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Did you watch the first series of the Broadchurch drama? If so, were you satisfied or disappointed? Personally I started it but got bored with the development of the plot and didn’t follow it through.  I like David Tennant, but the series itself was uneventful for me. How about you? Will you be watching Broadchurch Series Two?

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