Broadchurch: ITV’s Answer to The Killing

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The fist season of Broadchuch is over, and the results are in — it was a huge success. This article explains what this drama series is all about, just in case you didn’t have the chance to watch it.  The next series is said to not follow a murder, so it will be interesting what crime type is chosen,


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From ITV, the network that produces Downton Abbey, comes Broadchurch, an eight-part crime drama/mystery. It is set in present-day (fictitious) Broadchurch, an English seaside tourist town nestled by a dramatic cliff on the Dorset coast. In the opening episode an 11-year-old boy is found dead on the beach, under mysterious circumstances. The series follows the investigation of the boy’s murder through all eight episodes.

Two detectives are on the case:  Ellie Miller, played by Olivia Coleman (Rev.), and her superior, Alec Hardy, played by David Tenant (Doctor Who). Together they follow clues and turn over rocks around town – and in doing so uncover all manner of messy secrets in people’s personal lives. The picturesque seaside town has drawn residents from all over the UK who want to escape their previous failures and start something new.  But, the investigation, the suspicion of fellow townspeople and the lust for vengeance starts to unravel the promise of the community.Following a single crime for an entire series is a growing trend that has caught on with TV audiences, particularly in the UK. This spring three notable British series took this approach: Mayday (six parts), Top of the Lake (eight parts), and Broadchurch. They have a lot of similarities: they are set in small towns and all have strong female leads. And, all of them are worth watching. Mayday and Broadchurch were ratings-successes, too, followed and talked about by millions in the UK.

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Did you catch the first series of Broadchurch? Did you like it?  I thought it was good, but I also think it was lacking in intensity.  I like intense dramas more than anything else. What did you think of it? What crime type would you like covered in the second series?

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