Britain’s Got Talent, or the once in a lifetime chance to become one of the brightest stars

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If you have what it takes, take what it has for you!

We’ve all sat there and watched a TV program, a live show or a concert, looking at the person ahead of us and thinking “If only I could be in his place”. In the past it has been extremely difficult to become someone, with the limited opportunities that are presented to the normal everyday person. You might have everything it takes, but still never get the chance to live your dream. Until now. With the rise of the infamous Britain’s Got Talent competition on ITV, you can turn your life 360 degrees in the blink of an eye!

Britain’s Got Talent is an award-winning talent show competition

…where people of any ages can show off their unique skills in front of a live audience, striving to impress the judges on their way to the ultimate goal – the title of “The Winner Of Britain’s Got Talent”. Ever since it’s foundation in 2007, the show has been going upward, peaking at 17.6 million viewers, remaining extremely popular through all of its 6 seasons until this date. Currently the winning act is offered £500 000, the chance to be seen by tens of millions of people, and the opportunity to perform in a gala evening for the British Royal Family. Or in other words – a one way ticket to the ultimate fame. And you get to meet the lovely Amanda Holden in person. It doesn’t get better than that.


There are no restrictions to the type of talent you can present. On the Britain’s Got Talent competition, we’ve seen anything from inspiring musical performances and dance acts, to a man catching a burning bowling ball on his forehead, with 2 knives sticking out of it and a poisonous scorpion in his pants. If you have a talent you want to show off, in the beginning of every year initial live auditions are being held, where you can attempt to qualify for the show itself. These auditions are being held in numerous cities around the country and you can subscribe for the nearest one a couple of months in advance. There are also Open Auditions which you can show up to without a previous arrangement. All exact dates and locations can be found at the ITV website – After the auditions are over, the judges choose the best 45 acts which will participate in the semi-finals which are broadcasted live from Wembley. At that point the number of acts is whittled to 5, the acts that gain a place in the final.

As of 2013 the show is in its seventh season and judging by its popularity there will be many more to come. Make sure you tune in on ITV and get your mind blown by the most talented people in the country!

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