Britain’s Got Talent Latest Semi-Final Attracts 8 Million Viewers

Britain’s Got Talent’s semi-final scored 8 million viewers for ITV, a new record for the most popular talent show in ITV’s history. With the final coming up, let’s see if the can make an even greater record.  This year’s show has found some of the best talent in it’s history.  Keep ”em coming, keep ’em coming!  Here’s some info about the final coming up…

Britain's Got Talent

Amanda Holden took to Twitter ahead of Saturday’s show to post: “Who shld be the Wild card?So much talent to choose from!! Let me know x” (sic) she wrote.

After a week of the top 45 contestants showing off their best talents, the show’s semi-finals came to a climax on Saturday night as the last contestants won places in the final.

Here’s a clip from the CEO Dancers:

For more clips from Britain’s Got Talent 2013 visit here:

Here’s who to watch out for in the Finals this Saturday:

Arisxandra Libantino
Arisxandra is a true talent as her singing helped her overcome a serious brain injury. Just two years ago she was unable to walk and even talk…and now she’s in the final.

Asanda Jezile
Asanda has grown up surrounded by performers, with her dad being in The Lion King in London for nine years. She sees herself as ‘a mini diva’ – watch out Rihanna!

Attraction are a group of 9 dancers who perform shadow routines. They keep making the judges cry, they’re that moving.

Francine Lewis
Francine  had all of the judges laughing at her fantastic impressions of the likes of Stacy Solomon, Katie Price and Cheryl Cole. Simon also seems to fancy her.

Teenager Gabz turned up to her first audition in a onesie…but it was quite endearing. She has been singing since the age of 4 and  plays 5 instruments.

Jack Carroll
Jack has been writing and performing stand-up comedy for the past three years. He suffers from Cerebral-Palsy but has a hugely positive outlook on life.

Jordan O’Keefe
Jordan started playing guitar when he was 10 and has been performing for the last 5 years. He is the favourite among the teen audience.

The Luminites – Jordan, Ben, Stephanie, Corey – are from Essex and at their audition they impressed the judges with their contemporary version of the song Hurt so Good by Susan Cadogan which Simon labelled ‘genius’.

Pre Skool are a street dance crew who have been together for a year. They dance in their school uniforms and they look really really young, but super cute.

Richard and Adam
Sandwich makers Richard and Adam have been singing since they were young. Their Nan is their number one fan and introduced them to opera and she’s a character in her own right. She’d give Simon a piece of her mind if the boys lose…oh dear!

Enjoy the final.

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I’ll be watching the final — so exciting!  How about you?  Who do you want to win?  Who do you EXPECT to win?  Are those two answers the same?  Have a great final and we’ll post a review of it after the winner has been voted in.  Stay tuned to this site!

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