Britain’s Got Talent judges reveal backstage secrets


The stage might be taken by hundreds of talented people but the real delights of the show are the four judges. And as the new series is set to start, the foursome decided to spill their backstage secrets.

Even though David Walliams loves to annoy him on-screen, Cowell has admitted that David is a great addition to the panel. David was a wonderful addition to the team. He’s a raving lunatic, obviously, but he’s incredibly funny. His humour is a bit near the knuckle sometimes – he needs editing – but he’s very kind too. Audiences like him. And yes, I like him. It’s a really fun line-up, Cowell said.

On the other hand, Alesha Dixon believes that there must be some rivalry behind all their banter: I mean, people go on about girls being competitive, and they’re always trying to claim there’s some sort of rivalry between me and Amanda. Well, hello! This is where the rivalry is!, she said, referring to David and Simon. These two are always in competition to see who can be funnier, camper, more insulting. Why? I think it’s because they both have enormous egos that need regular stroking. They both think they’re brilliant – which they are, obviously – but they need to have that confirmed.

Amanda Holden jumps in and reveals more backstage secrets, talking about how the two male judges get distracted when a pretty lady is auditioning: They’re always whispering about some girl they’ve spied in the audience, or being completely indiscreet about someone very famous. They can be quite smutty. Filthy, actually. But it’s quite sweet too. I think at heart neither of them has many real male friends, so they’ve developed this sort of bond. And Simon likes someone who spars with him. Michael McIntyre was lovely, but David just takes the mickey. I think it’s good because you see a different side to Simon when he’s around. David makes him seem more human.