Britain’s Got Talent competition: all about the Manchester auditions

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Apparently the Manchester round of Britain’s Got Talent auditions was a blast for the judges, well three of them at least – nobody can imagine Simon Cowell enjoying all of this. And moreover, judge Amanda let one slip, tweeting that they may have found the winner in this city. David Walliams added her tweet that he was impressed as well and believes they already have a winner. Pretty discouraging for the following auditions!

In the first part of the day, Simon Cowell took a leave of absence from the auditions due to a migraine. This led to David missing his boss and tweeting that he would like to give him a bed-bath to make him feel better: “Apparently we are starting BGT auditions without my Simon today. He isn’t well. I wish I could be there to nurse him or give him a bed-bath.” Cowell was up and running later in the afternoon, to the delight of David.

The Slipper Sisters

On the other hand, the girls Amanda Holden and Aleshia Dixon weren’t that excited of their boss’s return because they had to give up the comfy slippers they have been wearing all morning. Amanda tweeted this picture with the caption “While the cats away @SimonCowell ! The slipper sisters!!”

Amanda Holden Britains Got Talent
(via Amanda Holden’s twitter account)

Both lady-judges from the Britain’s Got Talent competition looked stunning, in spite of the chilly Manchester weather, deciding to go all bare-legs in some tiny dresses. Aleshia looked fabulous and sexy in a black, thigh-skimming LBD dress and a pair of high heels. Amanda opted for a more colourful mini-dress, with orange, pink and black tones, and a pair of black pumps. With sky-scraping heels no wonder the ladies had to spend their day in slippers!

Simon Cowell – as diplomatic as ever!

Mr Cowell was harsh as usual with the Manchester acts and the headache had nothing to do with that. After one performance he said to one of the hopeful participants: “It was funny for a minute. I mean… is THAT your act?”. Fortunately David Walliams is playing the good cop and he encouraged everybody who was present that weekend and he admonished “his Simon” tweeting   that he “was showing off again”.

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