Both Aaron and Robert will be making an exit this Autumn!

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The start of the end for Emmerdale’s gay couple Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle. They will be leaving the show this autumn, and Emmerdale have been starting to tease out their exit storyline.

It is due to be an explosive ending for the duo, even though we thought that we may see Robert Sudgen ending his time on the show with heading to prison, after his attack on Lee Posner. At first we believed that it would just be Robert leaving the show, which would have lead to a new path for Aaron. However Emmerdale have confirmed that both guys will now be set to leave.

It now seems that possible both guys will go on the run together, but expect there to be some twists and turns along the way!

Elsewhere on the dales, Cain makes a comeback, and is set to discover that Moira and Nate have been having liaisons behind his back. Cain used to be quite violent, but gone are the days of his past. However will he now try to seek out some revenge for what he’s found out. Emmerdale is set for an explosive autumn!

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