Bobby Beale is back and we revisit the storyline of the death of his sister Lucy

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In next week’s Eastenders, we see a revisit to a storyline involving Max Branning, and Bobby’s sister, Lucy whom he had an affair with.

Back in 2014 Lucy who was 20 back then, had a scandalous affair with a much older Max Branning, just weeks before she died. After her death, he was framed by the Beales and the Mitchells, which saw his charged with her murder and sent to prison. We later learned that it was Bobby Beale who murdered Lucy, and was sent to prison. The “Who killed Lucy Beale?” storyline in 2014 saw Lucy Branning killed by Bobby who hit her over the head with a jewellery box, inflicting the killer blow.  Bobby also brutally attacked Jane, almost leaving her paralysed. He was arrested for Lucys murder and faced 3 years in prison.

He has since been released, and we now see Bobby try to rebuild his life, which we first see him explaining to Kathy and his dad Ian that he has now decided to practice Islam.  Bobby struggles to get back into the way of things in life on the Square, so Kathy suggests Ian make more of an effort with Bobby to help him adjust. Ian arranges a family meal, however Bobby decides to stay at work and avoid any confrontation.

Bobby can be seen speaking to Max about his relationship with his sister Lucy, asking if he loved Lucy. Max seems unnerved as to why Bobby is dragging up the past. Bobby becomes upset, so Max opens up honestly to him.  In struggling with what Max tells him, we see Callum offer a supporting shoulder, but will Bobby accept?

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