Big Star’s Little Star: Simon Gregson, Natasha Hamilton and Paula Radcliffe

Big Star’s Little Star will feature a host of stars tonight as they battle to win money for their chosen charities on national ITV. Pictured below is Simon Gregson who plays Steve McDonald on Coronation Street, with his son Alfie.

Simon Gregson

Tonight a soap star, a pop star and an athlete will battle it out to win money for their chosen charity onBig Star’s Little Star with Stephen Mulhern.

They’ll also be hoping that their precious little darlings don’t say anything to embarrass mummy and daddy on television!

Simon Gregson, Natasha Hamilton and Paula Radcliffe will sit in those famous seats along with their little ones.

Simon, who plays hapless Coronation Street barman Steve McDonald, will bring on son Alfie and hope that he doesn’t spill any soapy secrets!

Former Atomic Kitten Natasha will also be on the show with son Harry Erraji.

Natasha is currently expecting a child – her fourth – with 5ive’s Ritchie Neville.

Paula will also appear with her with daughter Isla Lough.

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Big Star’s Little Star offers celebrities the opportunity to win money for their favourite charities. Whether the star representing them wins or not, the charity gets national exposure from the show. My bets are on Steve McDonald tonight — where are yours?