Beth Tweddle is the winner of Dancing on Ice.The final as it happened


Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle has a new trophy to add to her collection: she is now queen of the ice on the 2013 edition of Dancing on Ice. She and her partner, Daniel Whiston we’re the big winners. They beat EastEnders actor Matt Lapinskas and his partner Brianne Delcourt after a tight finale.

After her victory was announced, the gymnast said: I’m speechless. It’s amazing. All credit goes to Matt. He’s done amazing skates tonight.

The duo was the public’s favourite, who was in charge of deciding the winner,  after they impressed with their performance of the Bolero, for which Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean won the gold medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Even though Beth didn’t receive any top grades in the final, like Matt, she has been very popular with the viewers, who saved her from facing the skate-offs every week of the season. She was also the bookies favourite to win the competition.

Matt proved he knows how to lose by congratulating Beth: It’s been amazing 10 weeks. Well done Beth. I’ve actually fallen in love with skating. Brianne’s one in a million.

Unfortunately for Luke, he didn’t get the chance to show off his Bolero, after rehearsing it for hours. After Luke and his partner Jenna Smith we’re announced to be on the third place, he declared that this was a fantastic experience and he learned a new skill for life.

The show was started by Beth and Dan, with their routine on the 70’s classic hit Carwash, for which they got a 36.5 score. Robin told her after their performance: That was incredibly entertaining. It was relaxing just watching you having a great time. This is your best performance. Delightful fun entertaining skate. Even Jason, who has been tough on Beth the whole competition  enjoyed the routine and said to her: Thank you. That is what exactly what I want. It was strong, vibrant… You were giving me attitude and sass.

Luke and Jenna’s routine was a western-theme performance on Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, for which they got a score of 34.5 and a good review from judge Robin, who said: That was technically terrific. You kept up with the professional boys. You were keeping up with them. Jason continued saying: What really threw me was the country and western gay bar scene at the beginning. This was the best musicality that you have displayed.I thought you did very well with keeping up with everyone else. Not a bad opening mate.

But it was Matt’s showcase, a group performance of Mr Pinstripe Suit, which impressed the most, receiving a top score of 40. Judge Karen commented about it saying : It’s so exciting to sit here and watch. That showcase showcased all your strengths and it was fantastic. Jason was also full of praise: You are why I love the final of Dancing On Ice. We’ve got somebody who got the entire package. Brings it on the final and smashes it some more. I could not differentiate between you and the pros.

Beth chose for her favourite routine of the series, the performance to Emeli Sande’s Clown, from week 5. She also got an improved score from the original one: a 37.5 (she got a 30.5 the first time). Ashley praised her for it saying I’m just so proud of you. Your stronger suit wasn’t performing and you came out here and performed. You were in partnership with the music. It was beautiful.

Luke also chose his performance from week 5, to One Direction’s Little Things, receiving a total score of 32.5, due to a small stumble. Even so, Karen complimented him saying: A tiny slip. You’ve come such a long way. For a boxer to come out and show he’s gentle and performing such a charming routine is impressive. Jason was a bit stricter, as usual thinking he was lacking something: It’s one of your better routines. All the little things was what was so touching first time round. A little bit of that was missing tonight. It is the truth! In comparison to the other two contestants, it wasn’t on par.

Matt went all the way back to Week 1 to his favourite routine to Chris Brown’s Turn Up the Music, for which he received another top score of 40. Jason was over the moon with this performance: I obviously I love you. 10,  10 across the board. Brianne is one of our best professionals – you match her in intensity. You make this partnership work together. The two of you are a strong partnership all the way to the end.

Before the final two we’re announced, all the evicted celebrities returned on the ice to skate on more time. The 2013 class included: Pamela Anderson and Matt Evers; Baroness Oona King and Mark Hanretty; Anthea Turner and Andy Buchanan; Shayne Ward and Maria Fillipov; Joe Pasquale and Vicky Ogden; Keith Chegwin and Olga Sharutenko; Samia Ghadie and Sylvain Longchambon; and Gareth Thomas and Robin Johnstone.