Beth Tweddle is getting ready to fly over the ice

wire week

One can easily assume that Beth Tweddle, being an Olympic bronze winning gymnast on the uneven bars, can easily float through the air. This week on Dancing On Ice, she will be heading for lofty new heights, as the contestants have to use wires and harnesses into their skating routine.

At the practice for Sunday’s show, Beth and her partner Dan Whiston, really flew in the air like superheroes. With her “Survival” hoody on, seems that Beth is in the right state of mind for this week’s semi-finals. She is the only female competitor left in the series, after Samia’s exit last week, and she has to face off Matt Lapinskas, Luke Campbell and Gareth Thomas.

Beth wants to boost up her routines this week, after Judge Jasor Gardiner said she is “dull”. But her partner Dan Whiston said that she will heat up the things from now on. Dan said:  At first she was a bit embarrassed as performing is something she had never done before, but now she has developed into a sexy little minx,’ the professional figure skater said. Beth has definitely got the sex factor and she will be bringing it to the ice. She has got to grips with the performance side and discovered something inside herself.

Samia and Sylvian got the chance to practice for this routine and they seemed like having fun, but it’s a shame they won’t get the chance to showcase their fly moves, now that they’re out.

Even though they work in a cold environment, there is no denying that there is some steaminess going on between the stars and their professional partners.  Take a look at the bond between Samia and her French partner Sylvian, or the relationship he had developed last year with Jennifer Metcalfe.  However, Luke’s Campbell’s fiancée said she is not worried about her boxer boyfriend skating with Jenna Harrison because he trusts him ‘110 per cent’. A lot of my friends asked me how I felt about Luke doing DOI and dancing with another ­woman. I didn’t feel anything… it’s his job. If he was going to cheat, then he would cheat whether he was on the show or not, she told The Mirror.

Tour of Dancing on Ice stars

Even though the annual tour of the show was cancelled because of “venue availability” it seems that the stars are determined to continue skating once the competition comes to an end. EastEnders star Matt Lapinskas, rugby star Gareth Thomas and Olympian Beth Tweddle have already opted to go on skating. They will be joined by former contestants Chico, Kyran Bracken, Christopher Biggins, professional ice skater Colin Ratushniak and the Russian Ice Stars.

Their tour, Celebrities on Ice, will begin in Birmingham on the 19th of April, and continue until June.