Bernie’s bizarre money-making scheme!

Coming up in Coronation street, we see a bizarre storyline appear involving Gemma Winter  played by Dolly-Rose Campbell and her mum Bernie, played by Jane Hazelgrove. Bernie is planning on stealing her pregnant daughters urine, so that she can sell it to give positive pregnancy tests for other women. 

Bernie has already been causing trouble, by stealing some money out of a fundraising pot of Gemma and Chesneys. She also tried to seduce Chesney, trying to spend the night with him in his bed.A parking fine also arrives for Bernie, and Chesney and Gemma are mad at her. Bernie holds a fake charity tin and rattles it, pretending she’s collecting for sick children. Jenny asks Bernie to show her ID, so Bernie admits she’s collecting to pay her car fine.

When Gemma returns desperate for a pee, Bernie gives her a bucket to go in, and then creates loads of positive pregnancy tests to sell. Gemma calls in Michael to fix the toilet which he finds out Bernie purposefully blocked. Bernie tells the truth about her scheme to Michael, who is gobsmacked, but then advises her that if she wants to make some proper big money, she should buy the pregnancy kits in bulk and sell them on a proper website. He agrees to help her and start a business together but wants 25% of the profits.

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