Ben can’t deal with his angry behaviour, and leaves Maggie and Ziggy!

Ben is being framed for international drug trafficking. Its lead to him having very erratic behaviour. He said to Maggie he would try to change his behaviour and even made a new surf board for Ziggy. However when Ziggy fell off the board, Ben blamed himself and flew of the handle, smashing up Ziggys board into pieces, leaving Ziggy terrified.

Maggie and Ben have a confrontation about the incident, with Maggie stating that Ben completely acted erratically, and nearly took the head of her daughter Ziggy. She says that he keeps losing his cool, and needs to get a handle on it. Ben says he’s going through a rough patch, and he’s just stressed, but Maggie isn’t convinced. Maggie tells Ben that he needs to get someone to talk too, but Ben just brushes it off and gets defensive about it all. Maggie wants Ben to get professional help, but Ben keeps denying the problem, so Maggie shouts at Ben, giving him an ultimatum that he needs to get help or go.

Ben can’t deal with what’s happening, so he decides to pack his bags and move out. Ziggy arrives into Ben packing his bags, and she panics and asks what he’s doing, and Ben says that Maggie’s kicking him out. Maggie cries that, that is not true, whilst Ziggy begs him to stay, but he kisses Ziggy and leaves. Is this the end for this happy family?