Bellas struggling and drowns her sorrows at Ryders Party

Aspiring romance writer with a number of short stories being published May 2020 and freelance reporter on all things UK. Guilty pleasures are soap and celebrity gossip and 80's cheese ; think A-ha and Nick Kershaw.

So the HSC trials are finished for the kids and they want to celebrate and let off some steam! So Ryder has other ideas and wants to plan a party at the caravan park, rather than just having a quiet meal at Salt.

Roo and Alf give Ryder permission to have the party as long he follows two rules. He has to keep the noise down, and he is not allowed to have any aocohol at the party, as they are all underage,

This all goes wrong whenever Ryder is pressured by his friends into getting some booze for the party, to make the party more interesting. Ryder ends up sneaking some booze from the bar at Salt. Ryder also convinces Bella to come to the party by saying that Colby cant hang out with Mackenzie if she is there. Bella decides to go to the party, as shes able to get away from Colby for a while if he’s on a date with MacKenzie.

However things start to go wrong at the party when the teenagers start to have drinking contests and chugging down the beer. Bella grabs some beer and hides behind a tree whilst drinking it down. Ryder tries to stop Bella but it’s too late, and Bella tells him to get lost…what will happen to Bella???

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