Bella gets herself in a dangerous situation, will she be attacked?

Home and Away takes a dark turn this week, when we see Bella, played by Courtney Miller, talking to Tommy about going  to the city to go to a photography exhibition, even after Irene banned her from going out there alone. Tommy makes the suggestion that he could take her to the exhibition, whilst the wedding is on. Bella makes the excise to Irene, that the wedding would be traumatic for her and that she should stay at home. 

Then out of the blue, Tommy turns up to bella’s home, and says he realises it wasn’t the plan, but he charms her, and manages to get himself into the house.  They look through some photos together, and then Bella suggests they head to the exhibition, however Tommy has other intentions. Bella realises she is in a dangerous situation because she is alone in a house with a strange man and nobody will be home in hours.

Tommy makes the excuse that he just wants to get to know Bella, and doesn’t want to be in a crowded place in the city.  Tommy finds a photo of Ryder and becomes jealous, wanting to know who he is. Bella starts to feel very uncomfortable, and makes excuses so she can go to the bathroom by herself. Tommy pretends he gets the message, and says he will leave, and Bella hears the door closing.  However he is only hiding, and as soon as Bella comes out of the bathroom, he makes his move on her. What will happen!

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