BBC’s Julia-Bradbury Coming to ITV

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Julia Bradbury of BBC fame is coming to ITV to host a new, not yet named morning show.  She apparently got such a good offer from ITV that she’s willing to leave the hit series Countryfile because, as she said, “I can’t afford to turn down the new role.” Countryfile fans will miss her as she made it the hit it is.

Julia Bradbury
Bradbury: Presenter said she “coudn’t afford to turn down” new role

Julia Bradbury is quitting hit BBC show Countryfile after signing up for a new show on ITV.

The presenter, 43, has become a household name after five years on the Sunday evening favourite but will front a new five-part series about Britain’s landscape for the rival channel.

The switch comes as Susanna Reid is believed to be preparing to leave BBC Breakfast to host a new ITV morning show.

Bradbury appeared on a number of outdoor BBC shows, earning her the nickname “the walking man’s crumpet”.

She said of her new ITV series: “I go camping on screen and wake up at 6am and people see me peeping out of a sleeping bag wearing a beanie, so it’s not about looking glamorous and young.”

Bradbury described the move as “something I couldn’t afford to turn down at this stage in my life and career”.

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Julia Bradbury is coming to ITV, leaving the BBC’s hit show Countryfile. This is great news for ITV and its fans who will just love Julia. With Susanna Reid also about to leave the BBC, ITV must have something these presenters want. ITV fans rejoice!

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