Barrister Gets Answer Wrong on The Chase

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Barristers are not perfect!  I know it’s hard for some of you to believe, but we have evidence.  Shaun Wallace got an answer wrong on ITV’s The Chase and now people won’t let him forget it.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a very important question in legal terms so we doubt it if reflects anything at all on Mr. Wallace’s stellar legal career and we don’t want to imply anything else, but it’s fun to see someone we consider an intellectual get a simple answer wrong for a change!

The Chase

Shaun Wallace of Great James Street Chambers has surprised viewers of ITV quiz show The Chase by fluffing an answer to a question about the Bar…

In fairness to Wallace, who famously won Mastermind in 2004, the question — from Friday’s show — was phrased rather strangely, with the criminal barrister asked: “Outer bar is a term used to describe what job”.

He was then presented with three options: ‘barrister’, ‘meteorologist’ and ‘waiter’ — and opted for ‘meteorologist’.

Still, kudos to Wallace for not complaining, and smoothly brushing off his failure to get the answer right with a quip:

“I’ve been a barrister for 28 years and I’ve never heard that term,” he said. “And I’m probably going to get sacked from the Bar Council now. My dreams of taking silk have just gone up in smoke.”

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Are you surprised a barrister got an wrong answer on The Chase?  I suppose nobody is perfect so let’s cut Shaun Wallace a break, ok?  I’m trying to think of the last time I got everything right and I’m having a hard time about it… oh well, chalk it up to human experience.  Humans are great but highly imperfect and unpredictable.  With that said, have a great day and make sure you get all your answers correct.

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