Autumn spoilers on Emmerdale Part 2

Part two of the Emmerdale spoilers for this Autumn!

Moira and Nate continue to have a secret affair, as Nate has been incessantly pursuing her. But will they come to regret what’s been happening between them, when Cain finds out what has been going on. Cain has not been known to hold back, so will his findings lead to something devastating. 

A familiar daytime face is back on the farm! Mandy Dingle, played by Lisa Riley is back on Emmerdale. She will return to the village with her son, and we are all wondering what secrets she will be revealing, and what she will be getting up to when she returns! We’ve been told she will be sure to make an impression from the get go!

A bit of Joy! Its not all doom and gloom in the village, as we find out that a little bit of happiness is in store for Paddy and Chas, as they are due to have a baby! Will this mean they will finally overcome their tragic sadness over Grace.

Talking about parents…we see another new face arriving in the village. Ellis thinks he is welcoming a new client, however he turns out to be Ellis’s estranged dad, Al. Al wants to make amends for being absent from Ellis life, but Jessie and Marlon are not happy about his return, and worry it may now put pressure onto their marriage.

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