Are Nicole Scherzinger and Rylan Clark no longer BFF’s?


There is some talk going around that Nicole Scherzinger and Rylan Clark had a fallout since X Factor but the Clark denied the whole thing. All this started after Nicole said on the Jonathan Ross show that Rylan has forgotten her after X Factor finished.

Even though she seemed like she was joking, there was some truth in that. The former Pussycat Doll said that I’ve reached out to Rylan a few times. He had that show and I tweeted about him, I wanted people to vote for him.He must be really busy because I’ve tried to hit him up a couple of times, and I was like, ‘Hey. come to my show this weekend, G-A-Y’ and he’s like, ‘Sorry, got a gig in Ireland.

Well, he was actually busy with winning the Celebrity Big Brother competition, and becoming a big star in general, so what does Nicole want from him??

She went on joking that she actually created a monster: Then I hit him up before and he’s kind of an Essex diva. I’ve created a monster. I even sent him, I found a pair of gorgeous sparkly balls, cufflinks. I was like, ‘These are perfect for Rylan’. So I gave them to him for Christmas and I never even heard back

Rylan retaliated quickly on Twitter, letting everybody know that Nicole won’t get rid of him so fast: Just spoke to SCHERZY about tonight’s Jonathan Ross, what she said was in a joke way! Thanks for all your messages but were still besties xx You won’t break us that easily! And she knows I loved my sparkly Xmas prezzie. Love u xx

Nicole also declared in a recent interview that she will like for Sharon Osbourne to return on the X Factor panel, even though her own position hasn’t been confirmed yet. She said for The Sun that : Sharon Osbourne actually is the first person who introduced me to X Factor and brought me on as a guest judge.So I’m Team Sharon all the way. I absolutely adore her and love her, and she’s a righteous mama.