Antony Costa from Blue about his financial struggle after his band split up


In a recent interview for the Daily Mail, Antony Costa, member of the boy band Blue who is part of the Big Reunion show, has talked about how his downfall after the band broke up.

He was at the top of the charts and was living the lifestyle of a millionaire popstar. But when the members of Blue decided to go their separate ways, Antony quickly remained out of money and went almost bankrupt. He went from earning £250,000 a month when touring, to barely £45 per week and homeless.

He told the publication: It was a odd process. I went from earning £250,000 a month on a tour to £400 a month acting in Blood Brothers. I wasn’t saving any of my money along the way and I had champagne taste with lemonade money in the end. I thought Blue was going to last forever and any money I did have left at the end of Blue I wasn’t advised on how to save it but I don’t blame anyone for that.

Costa indulged in the showbiz lifestyle, paying £7000 a month on a big countryside house, and that’s excluding bills, but that was quickly taken away as soon as he faced financial issues. With no roof over his head, the only option was to move back in with his parents or sleeping on friends’ sofas.

Antony didn’t want to turn to his band mates, even though they are close, and he explained why: I didn’t want to bother the boys as they had their own stuff going on and it was my business, I got myself into it and wanted to get myself out. You have to stand on your own two feet in life no matter how tough it gets. I am not really one to ask others for help no matter what is going on, perhaps that is a weakness or just my pride but I prefer to see it as strength.

The dark days have passed and Antony is back on his feet, and over the last two years while Blue was recording their new album Roulette, he had made an individual voluntary arrangement to live of £45 per week. Antony explained what led him to this idea: We have got a good team around us today who help me and the boys out with financial advice and direction and who make up part of our great management team.  We are now properly advised and we know where every penny is going, so this time around everything is clearer and makes more sense than ten years ago.

The  boys have been part of ITV’s show the Big Reunion, that brought back together some iconic bands of the 90’s like 5ive, B*Witched, Atomic Kitten or Liberty X. The boys from Blue were really glad to participate in that, even though they were criticised for not being actually apart in order to be reunited. Their new album will be released on 29th of April, and Antony has said that he feels more than ready to release it.

Blue have been working at this for the last two years writing and recording our new album with the Red One team in Los Angeles and Wayne Hector in London. It’s great to be part of this big show and perform in front of all those people and we have had a lot of fun with it but it was a hard secret to keep the last few months, knowing we would be part of it but not being able to tell our fans. We are so grateful for this opportunity and thank everyone on the team at ITV and can’t wait to get the new album out at home. Our first studio album in ten years – it’s a proud moment for us and we believe it’s our best album yet, he told the Mail Online.

Before their album will come out the boys will release a brand new single called Hurt Lovers, and they will be on the Big Reunion tour.