Ant returns to Australia for I’m a celebrity

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On Saturday we finally got to see Ant return to Australia after a year hiatus from hosting I’m a celebrity.

The famous duo Ant & Dec have presented the show together every year since 2002, except for the last. Ant’s struggle with drink and drug addiction meant that the Geordie star had to sit it out. Holly Willoughby luckily stepped into his shoes so the show could go on. Now that Ant has started to recover though, everything should go back to normal this year.

He was pictured leaving the airport with his girlfriend Anne-Marie, who he flew over with. Her role in Ant’s recovery has been lauded. She’s been sometimes titled as his ‘sober coach’. Ever since Ant’s heavily documented car crash last year, it’s been clear that the drink and drugs were a real problem that wouldn’t be overcome easily. It’s been said that Anne-Marie still is a crucial part in making sure her man continues down a positive path. Some have said that a month in Australia without her would’ve left Ant struggling and vulnerable to a relapse.

The returning host looked excited and had positive things to say about the upcoming season. He said he was looking forward to the ‘brill lineup’ and getting back together with his co-star Dec.

Dec arrived a week earlier with his wife Ali to get ready for the jungle show. The two will be gearing up to take things back to how they used to be after almost 2 years without presenting together.

Viewers will be just as excited as the Newcastle pair with a new line up of great names including star Caitlyn Jenner, Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle and BBC DJ Adele Roberts.

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