Ant McPartlin admits baby struggle

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Half of Britain’s Got Talent magic duo, Ant McPartlin has just told that the press why he and his wife don’t have children yet. Contrary to popular belief, Ant is not waiting for his partner in crime to settle down as the media suggested. He and his wife, Lisa Armstrong, are trying for a while now to get pregnant but they’re facing difficulties.

In an interview for Radio Times magazine he denied the rumours that he is waiting for his friend Declan Donnelly to find his Mrs, so they can have their kids together. The idea sounds really lovely and he would have liked for that to be reason, but in fact, he and Lisa are trying for three years now to conceive. I love that idea, but I’m afraid it’s not true. Lisa and I would love to have kids. We’re trying. It’s tougher than you think when you get a bit older, Ant told the interviewers.

Ant and Lisa, a former singer now make-up artist, have met in 1994, when they we’re both performing pop music: she was in the pop group Deuce and he was singing with Dec as PJ& Duncan. They got married in 2006, and start working on a baby since 2010. They wanted to start a family for a long time but their busy schedules haven’t allowed that. Fingers crossed for them!

Dec gets emotional when talking about their friendship

Radio Times magazine interviewed both parts of the duo separately, to get them to talk about their relationship. When asked to tell a few things about their famous “bromance”, Dec got really emotional because he really cares and appreciates what the two have, especially since he lost his dad. He also admitted that he’s more emotional than Ant.

Dec talked about a bit his love life, trying to respond to the question that everybody’s asking: why hasn’t he settled down yet. Perhaps I’m incredibly fussy. The last long-term relationship was a couple of years back with [Sky Sports presenter] Georgie Thompson. But that’s not the last relationship I had. You just don’t hear about them, thankfully, he said.

What does the future hold for the Britain’s Got Talent and “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” pair? Ant & Dec revealed that they want to want to tackle the US again and they are thinking of doing a sitcom. They love the shows they host but they’re live shows. The sitcom is recorded and can live on. So for the moment they are developing a silent comedy idea.

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