Ant and Dec to Host New Hate-Off Series

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Ant & Dec are slated to host a new Simon Cowell television series to find the most racist person in England.  The deal is close to completion but still in development.  Controversy sells, and in this age of political correctness and shrinking freedom of speech, a show to find the most racist person is definitely going to be controversial — and popular.  Here’s a summary of what to expect.

Ant & Dec

In the wake of the saddening murder of Lee Rigby by two nutcases, Adjem Choudary and his band of nutters and the nutters than make up the EDL have become embroiled in a ‘hate off’ Now I’ve personally lost track of all the things these guys hate, gays, Muslims, infidels, beards, Hindus, the Middle East, Chinese food, grapes, the list goes on, but I do believe they also now hate ‘lists’ so we can’t list them as for Adjem Choudary ‘lists’ are made by infidels and for the EDL ‘lists’ constitute a Muslim conspiracy.

So over the past week, both sets of nutters have engaged in a ‘hate off’ screened on ITV2, Simon Cowell plans to make it into a new TV series in an attempt to find Britain’s best racist, Ant and Dec presenting should lighten the mood.

These guys do take hating to a new level, even football hooligans and Nazis are going, “bloody hell, they hate a lot of shit” You just can’t keep up can you, with Nazis you know where you stand, if you’re not a member of some fictional Aryan race, they hate you, so basically they hate everyone. With these guys they add something new every week. Next week I think they plan to start hating puppys, that’s a bold move, everyone loves puppys.

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So who is the most racist person in Britain?  We’re soon to find out if this deal goes through, and who else could host it better than our own favourites, Ant & Dec.  Simon Cowell is on to a winner here!  Will you be watching?

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