Another shock as Kingsland Road leave ITV’s X Factor

The London based boyband are voted off the X Factor in yet another shocking episode

Well another week has passed and yet again we find ourselves surprised at which of the remaining acts landed themselves in the bottom two and singing for their survival.

Did we see it coming? Well Kingsland Road did look on rocky ground having been in the bottom two before, but big haired and even bigger voiced Tamera Foster was something of a surprise. It seems audiences haven’t warmed to the boyband who sang their hearts out yet again in front of the judges. This week however they didn’t get so lucky and their survival song wasn’t enough to keep them in the compettion.

Of course the fact the Tamera’s song –Whitney Houstens ‘I have nothing’ is a well known classic that can (and was) be delivered with so much passion probably helped her stay in the competition. Tamera sang her heart out and clearly demonstrated her passion to stay. She delivered the song almost note perfect and clearly moved audiences and the judges alike who had the final say in who stayed and ultimately said it was the end of the road for Kingsland Road.

We wonder if it was something to do with the flash vote not happening this week? In this latest series there is a flash vote which sees one act being automatically sent to the bottom two on Saturday –a cruel but entertaining way of ensuring audiences pick up the phone to vote. However this week because of the 3 song medley by Nile Rogers their apparently was no time for this meaning that both the bottom to acts were announced at the same time. It seemed slightly strange and inconsistent to cut this change which had thus far added a new dimension of tension to the X Factor.

Gary Barlow
Gary Barlow

In the end all the judges apart from Gary who is the mentor for Kingsland Road ended up sending them home. However it was clear Gary was unhappy with the results moaning and reminded audiences and viewers at home that ‘this is a singing competition.’ Thanks Gary we didn’t think we were watching Strictly Come Dancing!

Other acts performed to varying degrees of success in last weeks show. They all performed the joint song together as is tradition and this week they chose Shalamar’s ‘Lets Make This a Night to Remember’ a upbeat disco tune to get everyone in the mood for the evenings show ahead.

So who do you think will be in trouble next week? Our money is on Sam Callahan whose mediocre performances have led Gary Barlow to comment ‘everyone else is so much better than you’ –a bit harsh Gary but probably fair. The other Sam however is a firm favourite wowing judges and seeming to improve every week. Sam alongside Rough Copy at the moment are our ones to watch!

Of course we can’t forget the amazing comeback performance by previous X Factor winners Little Mix who came back to the stage to perform their new single. The girls are going from strength to strength and have recently taken America by storm!

Now we just can’t wait to see what happens next week, at this rate it seems like anything goes!

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