Another DOI couple: Brianne and Matt together?


Matt Lapinskamattandbriannes recently broke up with his girlfriend Shona McGarty and since then the rumours about him and Brianne Delcourt being an item have spread. With all this going around, they didn’t do anything do contradict the speculation as they were seen consoling each other after they lost on Dancing on Ice final.

The skating pair was seen going back to the hotel together for a drink and a pizza for two, looking all cozy with their arms wrapped around each other. Even though Matt acted fair play when losing to Beth, he was clearly not in the mood for the after party with the other contestants choosing to spend a quiet night with his partner.

They spend some time at the bar then sneaking outside for a cigarette, without spending anytime away from each other. If their intention was to shift the attention away from them, then they were doing it totally wrong. In an interview for the Daily Star he said: Would I take Brianne on a date? You never know. All I will say is that Brianne is fantastic, she has been there for me through thick and thin throughout the whole show. Dancing on Ice proves to be a real matchmaker: first Samia and Sylvian, now Matt and Brianne…who is next?

Matt was really nice when losing, congratulating Beth and complimenting Brianne:

It’s been an amazing 10 weeks. Congratulations to Beth, really well done, a great contender. Dan, congratulations mate. I’ve actually fallen in love with skating now and I’m not going to give it up, I’m going to keep going. I can’t thank Chris and Jane enough or thank Brianne enough, she’s one in a million, I’ll never find another one like her.

His fans, on the other hand,  weren’t so humble. They took on twitter furious about the chosen person: How the hell did @mattylapinskas not win that!!!! Well done beth but OMG Matt you deserved that more! #shocked’ wrote one viewer.