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Before you get to know about iTV TV Guide, you should know what is an iTV or Interactive Television. Well, it is a television with return path that means all the information flows on from broadcaster to viewer and back from viewer to broadcaster. And through this iTV feature, each viewer can view different choice of contents. With all those different hardware configurations, a crude interactive service using analog system is build up.Precisely, iTV is the key commercial public service TV network in UK and it is popular all over the world. Even Apple is aiming to design iTV to satisfy their customers. From good picture quality to gaming and apps, Apple iTV will aim everything to give it a perfect start.

iTV TV Guide and its programs

All those iTV TV Guide and its related programs, are dominating the iTV viewing industry with its quality contents. It is a new and defined way to watch TV.

Some details about iTV TV Guide:

  • itv news – Independent Television News Limited (ITN) has made a contract with iTV, to fabricate news for the network. Previously they used to show a 30 minutes news bulletin for the viewers which is broadcasted under ITN brand. But currently it has changed to itv news brand.
  • itv weather– The first itv weather was broadcasted in 1989, by following all those data supplied by Met Office and it was presented by experienced weather forecasters. This itv weather forecast was presented after the national itv newsbulletin. Even regional itv weather forecast is shown by regional companies that are shown in respective regions.
  • itv sport– For sports section, itv sport, cover many popular sports like football as the channel has UK terrestrial rights to the popular UEFA Champions League. Also itv sport covers international football events like World Cup, FA Cup, and even England’s home international matches.
  • itv catch-up- With itv catch-up service you can see all those shows that you have missed during your busy schedule. You can watch all these shows in itv replay and all those sites where itv catch-up service are given. It is like a replay of all your favorite shows. Just go through your iTV TV Guide and find the shows with itv catch-up. The itv player was previously named as itv catch-up.
  • itv player- This itv player is mainly an online video on demand service which you can access through the main iTV website. This itv player service mainly offers some variety of programs from those homegrown programming platforms.

iTV is a next generation TV that can bring new waves in our viewing experience. With the increasing popularity of iTV, more and more people are adopting it and experiencing it. Like Apple, more companies will start experimenting with iTV and bring out new stepping stones in iTV world. iTV TV Guide is the perfect way to find out the best shows that you want to catch up with on your iTV. So take up your iTV TV Guide and switch on your iTV and enjoy your time with family and friends.

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