Alan Titchmarsh Returns with a New Season of Love Your Garden

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Alan Titchmarsh is my wife’s favorite garden show host. He really knows his stuff and he’s pleasant to listen to as well. I’m not ‘that’ into gardening but she is and I consider her an authority on the topic. Our garden proves it. If you’re into gardening, you’ll definitely want to tune in to this season’s Love Your Garden television show.

Alan Titchmarsh Love Your Garden

Alan and his team return this summer for a brand new series of Love Your Garden.

Watch our exclusive interview with Alan above.

This year the gardens of some truly deserving people will be transformed as Alan takes inspiration from the most unique and beautiful gardens in the country. All hands will be on the decking as friends and the local community all get involved to help build something truly special.

There’s no excuse for a grubby garden as Alan shows how to turn the the most unlikely outdoor spaces into life enhancing havens.

Along the way there will be handy horticultural hints and tips to make sure everyone can have a garden to be proud of.

Want more Alan? Buy his latest DVD The Seasons with Alan Titchmarsh

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Alan Titchmarsh returns with a new season of Love Your Garden — will you watch? Are you into gardening? Are you ready to plant all your early spring vegetables? What do you think of the Love Your Garden series and Alan Titchmarsh in particular?

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