Aaron and Robert have to go on the run!

Things are getting worse for Robert and Aaron, as Victoria tells them that the rapist, Lee, who Robert attacked, has died in hospital. Robert could now be up for a murder charge, and could now face a life behind bars. Robert is distraught and reaching breaking point, but Liv suggests that maybe Robert and Aaron should go on the run together.

The couple decide this is their only option and start saying some emotional goodbyes to their loved ones, knowing that they can never come back. Aaron says a very emotional goodbye to his pregnant mum Chas before heading off.

Elsewhere in the Dales this week, Graham has started a relationship with Rhona, but Kim comes between him and Rhona, and Graham is torn between his lust for old-flame Kim or his new love for Rhona. Kim has had this effect on him before, and cost him his relationship with Megan, but will this happen again?

Jimmy is also making mistakes. Nicola is having a meeting with some big wigs from the council and Jimmy turns up stoned, after eating some of Rodneys ‘special’ cakes.
Nicola sees that something is up, and is angry at Jimmy. He is gonna be in trouble when he gets home!