A newcomer to the Bay and a new love interest!

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In Home away we’ll see a newcomer and a new romance on the bay.

Whilst Tori Morgan was taken into protective custody after a killer gang wiped out Robbos family, the SUmmer Bay hospital needs someone to cover Tori’s absence. Along comes Dr Alex Neilson who is played by Zoe Ventoura. She is due to hit our screen early October with Robbo and Raffy, as well as helping out a few others in the Bay.

We will also see Dr Neilson become the new love interest of Willow, when they end up going on a date. We will see Willow all dressed to impress in a lovely minidress, which is different to her usual sports wear which she wears at her job as a personal trainer.

Willow had spoken previously in May saying that things will be looking up for Willow, and more positive things are about to happen in the coming months with this new relationship.

Alex will be coming into the storyline through Robbo. The killer gang send Robbo a message about Dylan Carter, as they dump a man who is close to death, at the side of a road with a mysterious symbol cut into his chest. The man is taken to hospital where they fight to save his life, but will they succeed?

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