A new TV show to find the next Spice Girl?


As Victoria Beckham has declared that she will never join the Spice Girls again, the rest of the group is planning a television show to find a replacement for Posh Spice.

Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Melanie Brown are discussing with TV producers about creating this reality show which will find the fifth spice, thought to be called ‘Wannabe Spice’. The competition will be open for any current or former singer, known or unknown.

Victoria Beckham has decided that she doesn’t want to be involved with the girl band because she wants to focus on her family and on her fashion business. A friend of her has talked with the Sunday Mirror and said: Victoria will not be performing with the Spice Girls again. She has nothing but love and respect for all of the girls and the journey they went on together. Now though, her focus is firmly on her family and her fashion business.

The other girls, especially Geri think that there is much more left for them to achieve and she always dreamed of getting back on tour, like Take That did. The girls got back together to perform at the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony, leaving the fans wanting more. The source continued, talking about how involved Ginger Spice is this new project:   The girls, particularly Geri, all think there is so much more that they can achieve, and they know that their fans still want to see them perform. In an ideal world Victoria would be part of their plan, but she just won’t budge. She sees her future in the fashion industry so they have had to come up with another scenario.

Emma and both the Melanies are busy for the next year but are talking about doing something afterwards.

It is a dream of Geri’s to get the girls back together for a good tour, a bit like how Take That have done it. She can see a really successful future for the girls and in her usual determined way has got herself out there and spoken to the right people. She would give anything for this all to work out. She has spoken to TV production companies about how it would work and has got very excited. Things are gradually getting further down the line.”

It’s kind of ironic that Geri Haliwell is the one who is trying to put the group back together since she was the first to leave. But, even so, it would be nice to see them perform those crazy tracks live, and will be an interesting show to watch. Perhaps Simon Cowell could get involved in finding ‘the next Spice’?