A countdown of X Factor bands

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The current X Factor tour, starring the former students of 2012 is up and running for a while now,  but there’s a feeling of a silent rivalry in the air that is slowly growing bigger and bigger. Boy bands such as Union J and District 3 are feeling the pressure of the huge success of groups like One Direction or Little Mix, so that’s why they’re really stepping up their live shows. You can say there is a new kind of battle against the predecessors in order to win the dominance of the pop-world and hearts of teenagers worldwide.

Yahoo! Contributor Network - One Direction at the NRJ Music Awards on 26 Jan 2013
Yahoo! Contributor Network – One Direction at the NRJ Music Awards on 26 Jan 2013

So where are going to do is to settle this once and for all through a simple countdown, looking at 5 most promising bands of the moments and passing judgement on which will manage to take down those 1D boys or just vanish into thin air.

5. The Risk

Falling into the “thin air” category is the band, ironically titled “The Risk”. The quartet appeared at the 2011 revamped edition of X Factor and they had a huge and quite sudden following. They we’re initially under Tulisa’s supervision and then started some controversy with a series of line-up changes. By the time they we’re leaving the talent camp they we’re considered the “new JLS” but by the end of the season their popularity dropped quickly. The Risk’s first single, called “Missiles” made a wild no.60 chart entry in January 2013.

4. Union J

There is a lot of talk about these boys nowadays and their newly signed record deal with RCA records, even though they faced some serious competition from rival band District 3 (quite identical, some might say). The band is currently on the X Factor tour and their fan base is growing rapidly. The boys are not overwhelmed by their constantly-growing success and they are being really confident and cocky in their abilities to face any rivals. We’re not worrying about District3. We want to be as successful as One Direction and The Wanted, Union J declared

3.Little Mix

It was about time for a lady band! Little Mix is, so far, the only group to win the X Factor competition and have a few hit singles. The girls spend 2012 high up in the charts, but even so they confessed that it’s kind of difficult to compete with the One Direction phenomenon. In spite of that and the fact that their latest single “DNA” has almost reached the top spot of the charts, Zayn and Peerie keep on hoping to be the no.1 X Factor band one day.

2. JLS

They we’re once the glory of X Factor produced talent but it seems JLS has just lost that top spot. Their sales are declining; they have to manage family life and their career, so things are not looking up for them. JLS took off the charts in 2009 with their hit single “Beat Again” but after that the boy band competition kept increasing and they had to face the pressure. For their latest album “Evolution”  the boys changed their pop sound for a more urban R’n’B one, but fans didn’t connect with that. They’re preparing a new album now so could this be JLS’s comeback?

1. One Direction

The top spot position is going of course to the afore-mentioned boy band of the decade. The group was formed by Simon Cowell in 2010 and since then have occupied the top positions of the charts and the hearts of millions of teen girls and boys. They’ve sold over 14 million singles and 8 million albums in only 18 months, becoming one of the most successful British bands since The Beatles. In addition to this, every aspect of their rock star lives and loves is making it into the headlines around the world, creating a global craze that made them an estimated fortune of £100 million combined.

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