A clear sight for This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford


She is one of the most calm and collected presences on morning TV, who rarely messes up her lines, even when her co-presenter and husband interrupts. But the This Morning presenter recently revealed that for years she was constantly afraid to make any mistakes live on air due to her poor eyesight. She has progressively become long-sighted in both eyes that she barely could read the autocue, or verify crucial facts during interviewing her famous guests.

But after having a miracle surgery, which replaced the lenses in both eyes, her sight is completely clear now. The results of the surgery were so satisfying that even Mr Holmes, her husband who constantly disagrees with her, is considering having it.

Ruth Langsford, 52 years old, stated: For years I was nervous I might slip up on screen. It has transformed my life. I feel liberated and rejuvenated. I tried wearing a contact lens in one eye to help me focus on the autocue, but they would get make-up in them and I would suddenly find my vision was blurry as the cameras started rolling. Without contact lenses, I had to use glasses. But when I was chatting away to a film star and suddenly forgot the name of a film, I couldn’t just check my notes surreptitiously.

Miss Langsford, who also hosts the TV show Loose Women said that her eyesight started to worsen in her early 40’s. She recalled: I started holding restaurant menus at arm’s length and newspaper print would vibrate. If I went out walking the dog without my glasses I wouldn’t answer my mobile phone because I couldn’t see who was calling and I couldn’t read texts.

She was not a good candidate for laser surgery because that procedure corrects only one eye. She chose instead two operations that lasted only 20 minutes, which changed her natural lenses with artificial ones, replacements that would fix the eyesight for good. Ruth said that the whole procedure was really easy and less painful than going to the dentist: It was as easy as going to the dentist’s – and less painful. I didn’t need general anesthesia. As soon as I got out, I noticed the difference. The first thing I read was a packet of shortbread. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like a miracle.