First Doctor Who Documentary a Hit on ITV

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Let’s go back into the past with Dr. Who! The ultra-popular series began the very day President Kennedy was assassinated, on Nov 23, 1963.  ITV celebrated the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who by releasing a documentary on the first show.  It was absolutely fantastic.  I had no idea about the beginnings of this marvelous series that captured the hearts of 10 million viewers.  But the viewers didn’t arrive until week 2… all eyes were on the news the first day it was aired. They repeated the same show for the second week and it was instantly a hit.

The documentary on the first Dr. Who show has won Geektown Awards best shows of 2013 award. Well done ITV and thanks for the historical review.

First Dr. Who Trailer


Really, in it’s 50th anniversary year, what else could take the top spot but Doctor Who. We’ve seen the proper introduction of a new companion (Clara ‘the impossible girl’ Oswald), the missing regeneration of the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann), Doctor’s 10(David Tennant) and 11 (Matt Smith) sharing an epic adventure with the ‘War Doctor’ (John Hurt), and of course, a sad farewell to Matt, but a huge welcome to Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor. We may have to wait until Autumn 2014 to see Peter in action properly, but at least it’ll be in one uninterrupted run, unlike the last few years, and I really can’t wait!

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The first Dr. Who was a spectacular hit and ITV’s documentary about it was very good. Later in the day I watched Dr. Who transform into his next iteration… the legend continues!

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