13 things you need to know about “Dancing on Ice”

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Suzanne Shaw - Dancing On Ice winner
Suzanne Shaw Via www.photo111.com

Facts and figures get you going? Dancing on Ice got you onto the rink? Here’s our top 13 random and weird facts from Dancing On Ice…

  1. The show’s original name was “Skating with celebrities”. It got renamed and debuted in 2006 on ITV. Its first series finale was viewed by almost 13 million viewers.
  2. Several famous names were part of “The Ice Panel”, like professional skaters Karen Barber, Robin Cousins, Jason Gardiner, Karen Kresge and Nick Slater.  Celebs like former Spice Girl Emma Bunton or former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts were also in charge of judging the contestants.
  3. Guest performances we’re also a thing at “Dancing on ice” with singers like Leona Lewis, Bette Midler, Mumford& Sons, One Direction and Nicole Scherzinger.
  4. The first perfect score in history of the show was gained by TV personality Suzanne Shaw. Even more amazing is the fact that she got the perfect 30.0 twice!
  5. Since the beginning of the show Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have trained and choreographed over 450 routines, but the two Olympic champions have a greater achievement. They received the highest score in the history of Olympic ice skating, a perfect 6.0, for their routine on Ravel’s “Bolero” back at the 1984 Olympics.  14th of February 1984 that is!
  6. Before starting training with their professional partners, celebrities have to train at least ten hours a week by themselves to endure the rigorous training that follows.
  7. For the eight series the co-hosts Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley we’re trained to skate in order to interview contestants directly on the ice.This will be the first time the presenters will be on the ice!
  8. There is a double champion in the history of “Dancing on Ice” and his name is Daniel Whiston. The professional ice skater won the first title in 2006, when he was Gaynor Faye’s partner and once again in 2010 with Hayley Tamaddon.
  9. Training for the show is also a great body workout! Many celebrities have lost weight during the competition, the most notable transformation coming from the Irish investigative writer Donal McIntyre who lost 42 pounds in series 4.
  10. One of the most popular superstition among competitors is that if you touch the flowers an eliminated skater used during rehearsal, it will bring bad luck and the elimination from the show!
  11. The first celebrity contestant to try the infamous “Headbanger” move was the former British child star Bonnie Langford. Unfortunately for her, the move wasn’t successful and ended with her banging her head on ice.
  12. Since its start in 2006, more than 700 pairs of fake eyelashes we’re used and over 1000 costumes were made.
  13. Over 500 songs were used and edited for the routines, making the show a leading music source. Some of the names include The Killers, Lana del Rey, Kelly Clarkson, Kanye West and Oasis.

So there you have it! Thirteen weird and wonderful facts about Dancing On Ice – now go and impress your friends!


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