Sheridan Smith has been signed to star in ITV’s new 3-part series, “Cilla.”  Cilla’ tells of her rocky rise to fame and will capture the essence of 1960’s Liverpool, the atmosphere of promise and excitement as the Merseybeat music scene was on the verge of exploding in a blaze of tight-fitting skirts, stiletto heels, and beehives.

A young, unknown Cilla works in the austere environs of the typists’ pool at a local company, dreaming of stardom. The drama looks at how she met the two men who came to love her and ultimately fought over her – future husband Bobby Willis and legendary manager Brian Epstein, the tragic young businessman who also guided the career of The Beatles.
We learn how Cilla’s burgeoning friendship with John, Paul, George and Ringo – the four young men who went on to conquer the music world  – shaped her career. It was family friend Ritchie Starkey (Ringo), the teddy-boy with a greasy quiff, who help her to cross paths with Brian Epstein and producer George Martin – who were to launch her career with recording sessions at the world famous Abbey Road Studios.   (souce:

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith is “really honoured” and “thrilled to be playing Cilla, as she is a British icon,” in the upcoming Jeff Pope-written three part series for ITV, which will follow the early years of the Liverpool native’s career.

Sheridan Smith has signed on to play Cilla Black in an upcoming three-part drama for ITV.

The 32 year-old actress will portray the Liverpool native’s “rocky rise to fame and will capture the essence of 1960s Liverpool.”

The upcoming series, which was penned by BAFTA winner and ‘Philomena’ writer Jeff Pope, will focus on her younger years, emerging on the famed Merseyside music scene when she went by her real name, Priscilla Black.

It will also highlight several of Cilla’s early relationships, including one with music icons The Beatles, and how their influence and contacts in the industry helped her rise to unexpected heights of fame.

The famous four-piece led Cilla to their manager Brian Epstein, who ultimately ended up falling in love and fighting over her with the 70 year-old’s future husband (at the time), Bobby Willis.

Sheridan, who won a BAFTA television award for her role in ‘Mrs Biggs’, will reunite with the writer John Pope once again.

When speaking on being cast as the legendary TV personality, Smith said, “I am thrilled to be playing Cilla, as she is a British icon.

Adding, “In the 60s, as a young girl from Liverpool, she had numerous number ones and sang with The Beatles, her life story is fascinating.”

‘The Royal Family’ actress also expressed how she was “thrilled to be back at ITV for such an exciting project and to hopefully show a younger audience what a star Cilla has always been and for the older generation they can re-live those swinging 60s! What an era!”

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Ah yes — the 60’s. I love documentatry-type films that go back to the 60’s because it was a time of social and political upheaval and of course the height of the Beatles rise to fame. I was just a few years to young to realize what was happening then, so drams like Cilla show me what I ‘just missed.’ And who better to play Cilla than Sheridan Smith?  Lovely.

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