Loose women shakeup has got everybody rattled with old members leaving and even older members returning!

Carol Vorderman
Carol Vorderman

The ITV daytime chat show loses another member as Denise Welsh quits.

At first there were rumours that Carol Vorderman could be facing the chop as it became clear that ITV bosses had big plans to give the show a bit of a re-think, and then there were reports that all four panellists jobs were in danger as poor viewing figures had left those in charge feeling like the programme needed totally re working. The viewing figures apparently dropped from a high of two million where the show was at its peak to now well less than half that with figures at around the 700,000 mark. To keep them on their toes (and presumably to ensure they can be easily gotten rid of) apparently all four of the current stars have been given mere 12 week contracts and will have to see if these then get renewed.

The shakeup has come about due to the return of Helen Warner as the head of ITV’s daytime programming. Warner created Loose Women back in 1999 and so is understandably protective of how it is portrayed and wants to get the viewing figures back up to what they once were. Her original premise was that the show should be more focused on news and current events and it was reported she felt that it has strayed from this, with much of the content now centred on celebrity lifestyle and gossip.

However recent reports have shown that Carol Vorderman will in fact return to the show and it is Denise Welch who will be leaving due to disagreements with Helen Warner about the new format.

The 55 year old The Sunday Mirror:

“Yes, I’ve quit. I was hurt that the changes were made and kept a secret, and that the person responsible for the decisions hadn’t come and talked to me about it. Every show needs a shake-up. But the way the show’s going, I’ve felt that my wings have been clipped. I feel the way the show is going is losing the fun of it.”

Denise’s first appearance on Loose women was in 2002 and she has appeared in over 500 episodes of the series. However it looks like there was no hope for reconciliation and the changes were just too much for her as she will not be coming back.

The new series will see old timers Kaye Adams and Coleen Nolan returning to the panel, where they will be joined by current panellists Janet Street Porter and Sherrie Hewson, as well as Carol Vorderman of course!

Both Coleen and Kaye spoke of their excitement and returning to Loose women once more and Helen Warner warmly welcomed them and talked of her excitement for the show going forwards.

We will look forwards to see how the new format holds up. With 2 long standing members now gone and 2 old standing members back, and a new boss in town, it is certainly an exciting time for the show!

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