The SMS details for ITV comps are often wrong – here’s why we no longer provide them!

Did you know that the details provided for entering ITV competitions via SMS / Text message on the website are often incorrect and there’s a chance you could be wasting money an entry on a premium rate number?

This is a short post to let you know the reason why we are no longer providing information on the SMS/Text entry to ITV competitions. That reason is because the information provided on television (ie. on your TV screen) is very often different from the information provided by (ie. on their website).
ITV competitions text entry

Below are some examples from the past few months (October/November 2018);

  • Tipping Point competition – television says text “WIN“, ITV website says to text “WINNER“.
  • GMB & Lorraine win an Audi + £50k – television says text “WIN“, ITV website says to text “WINNER“.
  • X Factor competition – television says PRIZE, WIN or WEB whilst the website says to text “WINNER“.
  • This Morning / Loose Women £60k comp – television says text “CASH“, ITV website says to text “WINNER“.
  • GMB / Lorraine £90k for Christmas comp – television says text “CASH“, ITV website says to text “WINNER“.
  • I’m A Celebrity comp – television says “CELEB“, website says “WINNER“.
  • Real Deal comp – tv says text “WIN“, website says text “WINNER“.

And these are just some examples from recent competitions – there are many more. How can you be sure the entries you are paying for are counting when ITV are giving two different sets of instructions for how to enter?

For this reason we have decided that in most circumstances we will not be sharing the SMS / Text information within out competition details.

Below are some screenshots and images so you can see what we mean…

So there you have it! As you can see, it is mainly that the website almost-always says to enter via sms by texting the word “WINNER”, whilst the television provides a different word to text.

itv sport comp sms
Example of getting it right!

This is not always the case and there are some sms details on the website that are correct (by that we mean that the information on how to enter via sms that is provided on the television show is the same as on their website).

This £30k Cheltenham sport competition is one recent example whereby display the correct text message to send.

Until we are confident that ITV are providing consistent information to entrants across all media, we won’t be sharing the SMS entry information.

Hopefully that provides you with some insight…and saves you from wasting money on entries that might not count.

We also encourage you to contact itv and let them know that the entry information on their website is different from the entry information provided on the television.

Meanwhile…good luck with your comping!!

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