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Everything you need to enter the latest Good Morning Britain competition (previously GMTV) from ITV. Find out how to enter for your chance to win. The Good Morning Britain competition (often shortened to ‘GMB comp”) hosts some of the biggest prizes in British television competitions.

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Sometimes shortened to GMB, Good Morning Britain runs from 6am until 8:30am, when it’s followed by more chat from Lorraine Kelly in the Lorraine show (Lorraine Kelly also used to host GMTV).

It’s ITV’s popular morning breakfast talk show that replaced Daybreak and GMTV competition and is packed full of celebrity news, interviews and hot gossip from presenters Ben Shephard, Kate Garraway and Piers Morgan.

If you’re familiar with the show you’ll know that winning a Good Morning Britain prize can be life-changing. The prizes include cars, gadgets, holidays, cash and luxury goods. They often top £50,000 and bumper cash prizes can even be worth a quarter of a million quid. As with most UK competitions, any winnings you receive will be completely tax-free!

When do ITV announce the Good Morning Britain competition?

The prize draw usually opens for entries ahead of the show and details are announced every 30-60 minutes (usually 3-4 times per show). Previously you had to watch the show and get the question which you then used to enter however they changed that and now it is just a simple prize draw, albiet one that costs you to enter via premium rate number, the cost of a postcard or via the win website. The contest usually spans into the Lorraine Kelly show and continues to be announced throughout.

How many GMB & Lorraine competitions are there?

It varies. Sometimes a competition will run for a two weeks, sometimes four weeks. Sometimes they will run one-at-a-time. Sometimes two competitions will run concurrently. Often when they run concurrently, the TV show announcements are made week-about ie they alternate the competitions they announce on each show.

How do you enter the Good Morning Britain comp?

GMB offers 4 ways to enter, 3 of which will cost you at least £2 per entry and one of which will cost you a 2nd class stamp. Yes, you guessed it; premium rate text and sms entries are used which charge £2 per entry + your network rate. You can also enter online on the compeititions page by paying a £2 fee. Alternativly you can send your entry via post.

  • Premium rate phone number (£2 + network fee)
  • Premium rate sms text number (£2 + network fee)
  • Paid online (£2)
  • Postal (free*)

The cheapest method is postal using 2nd class stamp. *It isn’t exactly ‘free’, however itv do not charge a fee for this entry method, thus making the lowest cost means of entering. Just make sure you plan it well enough in advance to give you enough time. Stock up on 2nd class stamps and cheap postcards – or use some scrap cardboard.

Watching the GMB Show

GMB is on during the weekdays, Monday to Friday with a varied programme and presenters hosting on different days. Find out who does what on wikipedia. Watching and taking part in the Good Morning Britain competition could change your life with big cash prizes. If you don’t have time to watch live, either visit, visit GMB direct on or keep an eye on this site where we publish all the TV competitions details so you never miss out! Good Luck!

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